We need your help. We have built a simple get correcting tool so you and your students can be empowered to take action. Let's correct gender bias on the internet.

Draw on the free resources on this site and in under 10 minutes, with just a few clicks, you and your students can change the world for the better.

Step 1



The Film

Talking Points

Search engines are designed to help us find what we're looking for, and give us reliable information. But due to human bias, search engines have learnt to prioritise sportsmen in our search results. This is a gender bias.

It's possible to retrain search engines and correct the internet.

It's important to be aware of where your information comes from and to always check your facts.

Step 2


Model using the get correcting tool with your class.

Select the first search in the tool.


Open the get correcting tool (link below).

Ask students to use the get correcting tool.

Ask them to select the search term “Who has scored the most goals in international football.”

Explain that the more people who report an error, the sooner the search engine can change. By lots of people reporting the bias we can correct the internet.

Consider giving students more time to report other facts or find some not reported.

Consider asking students to verify/cross check the facts not just take them on face value.

Step 3



The more people that use the get correcting tool, the more likely the search engine algorithm is to change. Students can draw upon the social media assets provided to influence others to act.

Provide opportunity for your students to use their influence to share this action.

Consider setting a homework task or setting a design challenge for students on “How can you influence others to take action?”

For example, find ways to support students talk about the campaign with their parents, family, friends, coaches or sport teams.

If every student can influence one person to act, then we can double our impact.

Draw on the free social assets to make this even easier.

Will you help us correct the internet?

Caring about gender equity is empathetic. Doing something about it is compassionate.