AboutThis Project

This project began with a little girl searching the internet for her own school project. She was looking for the greatest sportswomen in the world, the kind of inspiring women she could look up to. Her searches revealed many of the greatest male athletes in the world and all of their achievements, but very few women.

She was then shocked to discover that when she did search for the achievements of the greatest sportswomen, many of them were superior to the men she was being served in her search results. It turns out, Christine Sinclair has scored more goals in international football than Cristiano Ronaldo. The Black Ferns have won more Rugby World Cups than the All Blacks. And the USA Womens Basketball Team has won more than double the world cup titles of any mens team.
And thats why Team Heroine and the United Nations Football For The Goals created an organisation, along with partners around the world, to correct it. It turns out we had only scratched the surface. The deeper we looked, the more inaccuracies we discovered in our search results. The facts say that many of the worlds greatest athletes are women, but the internet keeps saying they are men. The reason for this is simple the algorithms our search engines use are trained on our human behaviour. And now, the internet has learnt our human bias towards men. Its a problem we created, but one we have the power to fix.

So weve made it our mission to Correct The Internet. Were collecting the incorrect search results, and have built a simple tool so you can help us correct them.