For one day.

For One Day

For International Women’s Day, we wanted to try and ensure Christine would be at the top of the search result for her achievement– even if it was for just one day.

When you look up, ‘who has the most international goals in football?’ the first result should be correct – Sinclair with 190 goals, not Ronaldo with 128.

This isn’t because the internet algorithm has changed, it’s because we paid for it and we hope you get to see it.

She should be there every day, because it’s factually correct and has been since 2020 when she set the record. But we can only keep her result at the top for so long. That’s why we need your help.

Visit and share Christine’s Guinness Book of World Records page, so that the internet’s algorithm puts facts first and help us make sportswomen’s achievements more visible.

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